Dubai Travel Guide

Travelling in Dubai can be challenging if you do not know where to get your transport when you need it the most. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can get to your destination in Dubai quickly without any big jams.

Taxis ply the streets of Dubai and are usually hard to find. The easiest place to find them is probably at the taxi queue at the shopping malls. You can forget about waving down a taxi on the road because it is almost impossible. Whether it’s peak hour or not, the demand far exceeds supply, and not only are taxis hard to find, but those who pick you up may refuse short rides in jam-packed areas.

Dubai taxis are metered at AED 1.60/km, so no haggling is necessary. The rates of all taxi companies are the same so it doesn’t matter you take the Metro or the Arabian. From the airport, there is a standing charge of AED 20; all other street pickups attract a standing charge of AED 3.00 during the day, 3.50 at night (10 PM-6 AM). If you still have problem flagging down a taxi, you might want to try calling a taxi at 2080808, but the service works rather disappointing – booked taxis often never arrive – and there’s a surcharge of AED 3 to boot. However, If you absolutely want to get somewhere at a certain time, it’s best to book a hotel taxi in advance, and get their estimate of how bad the traffic will be.

If you are going to a shopping mall in Dubai, be prepared to spend at least an hour in the queue to get a cab. I would recommend you to use the bus instead if you aren’t in a rush. It’s a good idea to use public transport to get around in the city. Travelling by bus is a much cheaper way of travelling within the several districts in Dubai. Public buses are generally clean and economical, but unfortunately, they are not very comprehensive to travellers and there may be long frequencies between buses for certain routes. The bus system is most useful for getting between different areas of central Dubai, or between the various suburbs, rather than general transport.

The major bus stations are Gold Souq Market which is in Deira and Al Ghubaiba bus station which is in Bur Dubai. The fare for an in-town bus is usually 1.50 AED, up to 3.00 AED for an hour-long ride to the suburbs. There are clear route maps and time-tables placed inside a few bus stands. You should avoid the front seats because they are reserved for ladies.

I would strongly recommend you to try the Big Bus Company. It runs two routes; the blue route through Jumeirah and the newly constructed areas, and the red route centred on the older parts of Dubai. The hub for both routes is Wafi City mall. A 175 AED ticket covers 24 hours of riding.

Travelling in Dubai can be easy as long as you know where to look for the travelling information. If in doubt, you should check the map routes on the bus stops. They are quite comprehensive and should be able to bring you to where you want to go.